Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Not So Haunted House, Part 2

This is the first year we’ve had an actual dining room table. We’ve only lived in our house three years and two of those years this was an empty room! Now with a table I have another room to decorate!  I purchased a spider web table cloth, added another candelabra and two vases filled with black roses.  It's not much yet, but it's a work in progress. 

DIY Halloween Vases, Dollar Store Halloween Project

The vases are my dollar store find.  I took two clear glass vases (I especially liked this shape for it's urn-like quality), then spray painted them black and silver.  I painted the whole vase black, then just spritzed a little silver on it to my liking.  I just happened to have black and silver spray paint at home, so that made this project super cheap. Spray paint is inexpensive and should be a staple in all homes!  When in doubt, paint it black.  Add two bunches of black roses for a dollar each and voila $4 table décor. 

The last area I really like to decorate is our morning room.  After Halloween last year I bought a paper spider decoration at the grocery store.  I wasn’t sure what it was until we opened it recently. It turned out to be a paper accordion spider with super long legs.  We hung this from our ceiling and stretched the legs to the table, the curtains, the light fixture.  It turned out great, especially since I had already decorated my light with some cobwebs, more leaf garland and paper spiders.


I like to have little surprises around my house for guests to find.  I love the Martha Stewart crafts at Michaels, she’s the queen of Halloween.  If I had the skills, staff and funds, that’s totally how I’d love to do Halloween!  Michael’s sells kits for the rest of us, paper spiders, mice and the like.  The Martha Stewart Gothic Manor Photo Décor was a hit at our recent party.  I placed masks and fangs on the glass of photo frames all over my house and waited to see if anyone noticed.  Who doesn’t notice a baby with fangs?  It’s a scream.
Pardon the pun.


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