Monday, October 21, 2013

A Not So Haunted House

Decorating our house for Halloween is something my daughter and I love to do.  The first day of October rolls around and she wants to bring the Halloween décor up from the basement.  I usually try to wait as long as I can, because 31 days of Halloween on my mantle gets old fast!  I’ll admit, I really enjoy going through the boxes and seeing what bargains I got the year before.  I had a few goodies I was pleased to uncover.    

There are tons of tremendous ideas on Pintrest of course.  These are just a few of the ideas I’ve collected after several years of hosting Halloween parties.  Most of which I accomplished by hitting “after Halloween” sales at craft stores and Target, and making my own pieces with thrift store and dollar store finds.    

On the mantle I've added the essential faux candelabras, along with black leaf garland and a black web fabric over the mirror.  All of which were found at Michaels.  Then I added a black feather tree (from Hobby Lobby), some grocery store glittery RIP letters and a couple of other accessories. 
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At a thrift store I found an ornate pillar candle holder and painted it black with a little craft paint I had on hand.  It doesn't need to be perfect, I left some of the original color coming through.  It's meant to look scary, not perfect.  These are great for adding pumpkins, or as you see on mine, an orange glittery owl. 
I also purchased a picture frame from the same thrift shop, I liked the touch of silver.  I added a printable found on Pintrest last year (unfortunately I couldn't find the link to the printable I used to add here, but there are many free options out there).  I just printed it on my home computer on regular paper, nothing fancy.  The combination of everything looks great and makes a wonderful backdrop to photos of folks in costumes.



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