Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cheap, Easy Crackle Paint Technique

As part of my ongoing living room makeover I’ve decided to add a small table.  I found an antique tilt top table on Craigslist for about $50.  I like the fact that it tilts upright and I can set it flat against my wall.  I feel it's just as much a piece of art as it is a table.  
The colors I've decided on in my living room are cream, brown and light blue.  I love the brown and blue color combination.  Blue is the accent color in the room, so I don't want to go overboard with it.  I once heard David Bromstad (host of Color Splash) say for an accent color to be used correctly it needs to be used at least three times in a room.  Since I'm not a designer, I thought that sounded like great advice I could easily apply!
I started with the addition of a blue table.  I painted the top of my table blue and the base black.  To create a super, easy crackle look I needed a few materials, blue paint, black paint, wood glue and paint brushes.  I already had black paint, and since the table surface is small I was able to just use a sample size paint jar for a few dollars.  I used your average wood glue, nothing fancy.
1.  First I cleaned the surface of my table with a damp rag.  It was in pretty good condition already and I just needed to get some grime off.  I opted not to sand it first.  It was covered in a dark stain and since I was going for a crackle affect with the dark stain showing through, I really didn't think it needed it.  Judge for yourself based on your finish.  Sanding will help your paint adhere better in most circumstances.
2.  Next I poured the wood glue onto a paper plate and painted it thickly onto the table.  The glue will dry quickly, so as I painted a few swipes of the wood glue, I followed up with a swipe of blue paint over it.  I repeated this process for the entire table.   
3.  Once finished with painting the glue and covering the glue with the blue paint, I waited for it to dry and do it's crackle magic.  Except it wasn't crackling!  I began to get concerned because the glue was drying and I wasn't sure how I was going to get paint and WOOD GLUE off of the table to start over.  Instead, I grabbed my hair dryer and started heating/drying the paint in sections.  Almost instantly I got the perfect crackle affect. 
4.  The last thing I did was paint the base of the table black and voila I had a refinished table that all in all was a pretty quick and easy project. 

Normally I'd like to find more of a bargain furniture piece, however, I specifically wanted a tilt top table to save space so that limited my options.  Even so, the cost of the paint, brushes and glue were less than $10.  The project total was less than $60.   

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