Monday, October 21, 2013

Spooky Ghost Meringue Cookies

We love Halloween at our house. Not horror movies, haunted houses (unless it’s the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom), or blood and gore…mostly because I’m a big scaredy cat…but fun you have with clever spooks and chills. Tombstones, cobwebs and friendly ghosts are more my speed. 

I look forward every year to the Halloween party we host for friends. This year I decided to make some friendly ghosts in the shape of meringue cookies. A little fussy, but pretty simple recipe.  Minimal ingredients and very cheap. It’s everything I look for in a recipe!  I’ll probably recreate these in some form for Christmas.  Tint them green and call ‘em trees? There are many recipes out there, but I found the Pilsbury recipe to be the easiest and have the fewest ingredients.  

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The outcome was cute and tasty!  Here are a couple of things I did differently.  Instead of piping the meringue flat on a cookie sheet, I mounded blobs vertically, Hershey kiss style, to create a ghost.  The recipe doesn’t say when to add the vanilla, I added it after whipping the eggs and cream of tartar together.  That seemed to work just fine.  The chocolate chips worked fine for eyes and mouths, but I think it would look more convincing with a small tube of black icing gel.  For speed, however, you can’t beat the chips.                                             

Here's a link to the original Pilsbury recipe I used:

Ghost Meringue Cookie Recipe

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