Sunday, November 3, 2013

Decor Do Over

One of the things I love to do is find items at thrift stores and touch them up a little to make great, cheap home accessories.  Recently I did this when finding accessories for some new bookcases in our living room.  These items I found at the Goodwill.   

First, I found this great flower tin for $1.50.  It was an ornate red pattern and pretty as is, but I needed something blue to match my living room.  I liked the shape of it and thought it would be great on the top of my cabinet. 

To revamp it, I painted the whole tin blue (the same blue I used on my table project Crackle Paint Technique).  Then I brushed over it with wood glue, hoping that it would crackle the same way my table did.  That didn't work at all! 


Fortunately I had only painted the front and I could tell pretty quickly it wasn't going to work.  I gave it a once over with some more blue paint.  Then I dabbed a little bit of ivory paint over it, just using a paper towel to give it an aged and worn look.  I was winging it, since I had almost nothing invested I could play around with it.  This is what it looked like when the paint was finished.
For the end result I added a little gold paint.  I lightly brushed it on all edges to help it look aged, but to add a little depth as well.  To finish it, I purchased a small stencil and added it to the front using the gold paint.  I also used a small amount of gold paint on a dry brush to cover the whole tin, so it didn't look quite so freshly painted. 

I was not too concerned about perfection.  The plan was to put it on the top of my bookcase, no one would be looking at it too closely.  I didn't even add any stencil detail to the back.  Toss a cheap fern in from the craft store and done!
Another find was this ivory picture frame for $1.  It wasn't in bad condition, just a little nicked up.  I decided to paint it brown, then hit the edges with some sand paper to let the original ivory paint show through.  Easy peasy.  Just need some pictures to fill my frames!



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