Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Felt Flower Wreath

Christmas is coming fast!  When I realized how late Thanksgiving is this year, I also realized how little time I have to get ready for Christmas. 

Last year I made these great homemade wreaths for Christmas.  I just love homemade gifts.  I realize that sounds cheesy, but it was really nice to think about the people I was making the wreaths for as I was working on them.  This year I decided to make one or two more.  Fortunately they're pretty simple. Since I don't sew, and I'm only a little bit of a crafter, these wreaths are perfect for me.

To get started you'll need felt, scissors, a glue gun, wreath and any embellishments you're interested in (floral stems, ornaments, wooden letters, etc.).

Making the flowers:

Trace a circle onto your felt sheet. Honestly, I just freehand a circle.  It doesn't have to be perfect to still look good. It can be any size, bigger circle makes a bigger flower. Then cut the circle into a spiral.  Start at the end and roll it up. Leave a piece at the end to add a dab of glue and place it on the bottom to hold it together.   


For this type of flower, cut a strip of felt (whatever size you like), place a thin line of glue across the top and fold it in half.  Make small cuts along the fold and roll it up.  Add a dab of glue to the end so it sticks together.

To create a similar flower, but with strips instead of loops, simply place your glue more toward the middle of your felt strip, fold and cut along the straight edge instead of the fold. 

As you create flowers, arrange them around the wreath with your other embellishments in a way that looks pleasing to you.  I used a snowman ornament and placed it on the wreath first, then arranged flowers around it.  

Here are a few examples of wreaths I made last year.  Another wreath idea is to take a straw wreath form and cover it in yarn, then add felt flowers on top.  Both options look beautiful!


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