Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making a Meaningful Statement in Your Entryway

The very first project we did in our new home was create a "God Wall."  I'm not sure where this idea originated.  A friend of mine told me about it and I loved the concept!  In fact, all my girlfriends loved it and the four of us have a variation of this idea in each of our homes!

What makes this particular photo collage special for our home is that it's a timeline from when we got married to today.  It tells the story of what God has done in our lives and marriage.  Hence the name "God wall."

Piecing this wall together took some time.  In fact, it took about a month.  I purchased a variety of frames, shadow boxes, signs, shelves and accessories to try out what would work.  Lots of buying and returning!  I measured the space I had on the wall onto my dining room floor (you could use painter's tape or masking tape to actually create the space on your floor).  This helped me lay everything out and move things around.  Seeing it laid out helped me visualize what worked and see what might be missing. 

I kept my frames to one color, a dark brown stain.  This helps your space look uniform even if all the frames are different.  Different color frames would make the space look cluttered.  

On the left side of the wall, I have an oval frame that has the pressed flowers from my wedding bouquet and a wedding portrait.  I also included a small "faith" sign which I found at Hobby Lobby very inexpensively.  Hobby Lobby was actually a great resource because they have all kinds of frames, tons of signs and vinyl wall words. Next is a shadow box found at Home Goods.  I included a wedding invitation, a card my husband wrote me when he proposed and a birth announcement of our daughter. 


Towards the middle is a memo board.  I really liked the idea of a memo board because I wanted to be able to change photos easily to keep things current.  I liked the style of this memo board, however, there is a pithy quote in the middle of the board that I don't care for.  So, I just cover it up with photos! 

I love the finished product.  It's one of my favorite parts of our house and I love when visitors come over and look at it and that we can share what God has done in our lives.


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