Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Painting Interior Doors Black

I love the look on Pinterest of interior doors painted black.  I put that in the, "why didn't I think of that?" category.  The look is so polished and elegant, it really does just make sense. 

My entryway needed something.  Something to make it feel warm and welcoming.  I decided then to paint the back of my front door.  I also liked the fact that if I wasn't crazy about the black door, at least it wasn't smack dab in the middle of the house.   

I always have a quart of black semi gloss paint around.  Just buy some and keep it handy.  That enables me to do projects on a whim, like paint a door black.  It was very simple to do.  I didn't really follow any particular lesson or example on how to paint the door, I just went after it.  It did take about four coats though.  So don't be afraid as you're in between coats, it doesn't look good until that last one.   

Here are some basic guidelines for painting any door:

  • Doors take a lot of abuse, so choose a durable finish that has a semi gloss or gloss sheen for easy cleaning.  You will need multiple coats to get a uniform appearance.
  • Tape off your lock, door handle, windows, etc.  Painters tape is your best friend!  You don't, however, need to take your door off the hinges or remove hardware. 
  • There are two schools of thought for order.  One, start with the panels, then the horizontal sections and vertical sections.  Or two, paint the top panels, horizontal section and vertical section before working your way down the door and repeating the process on the bottom (I painted all panels first).  I also stuck with a brush and didn't use a roller. 

I've only done the one door, but it looks great in my entry way.  I'm conflicted, though, because part of me really wants to do my garage door and my pantry too but I'm concerned about making those areas too dark.  I have my can of paint ready, we'll see if I feel like painting on a whim again!  

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