Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Simple Kids Bathroom Makeover

My daughter's bathroom was a blank slate, everything white.  When she was big enough to take showers I added a floral shower curtain just to add a hint of color.  I wanted to create for her a girly bath since we moved in.  Since we're adopting, however, we don't know yet whether she'll be sharing with a brother or a sister.  I couldn't make it too pink (plus her bedroom is already really pink) so we decided together on an ocean theme since it works for boys and girls.  I didn't want fish on the wall or little mermaid decals, just enough "sea" to make it fun for her, but not overly themed.   

I picked a couple of paint colors that complemented each other.  I find it really hard to pick paint.  You should see the quantity of paint samples I have.  Thank goodness hardware stores started making paint samples!  If I see colors I like, I'll buy a sample, usually another sample a shade lighter or darker, and samples of complimentary colors too.  You can see the test strips in my bathroom here in the before picture.  I nearly forgot to take before pictures, I just wanted to dive in!   


I selected the bottom three colors to use in the bathroom.  I started by drawing a wave on the wall, I just freehanded it with a piece of chalk.  I painted the bottom part of the wall with the dark color and the top with the lighter. 

The wave continues around the entire bathroom. 

After painting, just needed the accessories.  I found this really cute mermaid print on Etsy and the inexpensive yellow frame at Home Goods.  Then I asked my sister to make some mermaid signs.  It pays to know someone with graphic design capabilities!  The white frames came from Target, they were very inexpensive and nicer than the ones I had found at Ikea!  

Most of the accessories came from Home Goods, the white shelf, sign, wicker fish and wire bin.  The metal vase came from Ikea and in it is just a silk floral stem from a craft store. 

Add in one white shower curtain, a couple of "sand" colored bath rugs and some new towels.  Notice the yellow-green painted step stool.  That was a white stool from Target that I painted with the green accent color from one of my paint samples. 

I still plan on adding some knobs to the cabinet drawers and doors, but you know how it goes, I jumped the gun and moved on to another project before I could do that!  This bath works because the colors are pleasant, not overly juvenile, and the accessories can be easily changed if down the road we need to make it more "boyish."

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